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Brand New 5 BR Villa with Large Living area in Falcon City of Wonders

Price: AED 250,000
Location: Falcon City of Wonders

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Falcon city of wonders

After receiving nick names like hub for Shopping, Tourism and Trading; Dubai will now be called as home of the Seven Wonders of the World. In past few years Dubai has grown at a breakneck speed with a whole cityscapes appearing within the desert. Different kinds of development can be experienced along with community and relaxation at heart. Dubai is such a place where the maximum importance is given to the public realm and facilities, from lifestyle and entertainment to education and healthcare.

In this modern world Dubai has emerged as one city with no parallel. It has embraced modernity with one hand and has proudly maintained its culture, heritage and unique identity on the other. The world’s admiration of Dubai has resulted in many rapid developments and also has added a steady and increasing stream of visitors and expatriates in past few years. The city has not rested on its past ways rather it is continuous growing. Dubai is moving on to innovate and break new ground in all spheres of development.

A new project has been engraved on the grounds of Dubai that is the Falcon City of Wonders. It is projected to capture the minds and hearts of the world. This project would honour mankind through its various civilizations, it will inspire the upcoming generation about the power of the human spirit. Dubai Falcon City of Wonder will be the place where the world will see its past, present and future.

The Falcon City of Wonders projected in Dubai will be designed to resemble the national emblem. The Falcon with its outstretched wings will symbolize the spirit of leadership, pride and excellent qualities that the Falcon City of Wonders will embody.

One of the most astonishing place on earth is been developed in Dubai that is the Falcon City of Wonders, a city of wonders, a city of civilization, a world incorporated in a city and a self-contained city.